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Overview Workforce Management

  • Single- and multi-skill forecasting
  • Integration with automatic call distributor (ACD)
  • Accurately forecast customer demand
  • Choose from basic scheduling or advanced solution using the inContact proprietary scheduler
  • Make real-time decisions with real-time visibility into staffing and call volumes
  • Intraday management

inContact Workforce Management is a contact center solution that enables easy and efficient agent scheduling. It allows you to staff the right people, with the right skills, at the right time of day. We’ve designed an intuitive, user-friendly workforce management tool that’s fully integrated with our Workforce Optimization suite, facilitating the sharing of data among components and providing a comprehensive view of your entire contact center operation. inContact Workforce Management is also available as a stand-alone workforce management product.

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  • Improve Your Workforce Efficiency

    Reducing labor waste is key in delivering an efficient use of time. With inContact Workforce Management, you will improve on forecast accuracy and schedule efficiency, while maintaining service level objectives. This patented, multi-algorithm, approach helps you plan for long term staffing and training needs based on volume trends. At the same time, you will make more informed intraday decisions (without manual tracking) through a near real-time understanding of your forecast accuracy.

  • Generate a Better Plan for Your Staff

    Having a clear path for planning capacity or for any conceivable volume/agent impacting event ensures readiness and game plan to react quickly. “What if” scenario planning provides the ability to develop a plan for an unlimited number of volume/agent impacting events. Strategic Planner leverages the most accurate forecast in the industry to align your future staffing needs with the expected volume.

  • Flexible Integration Options to Meet you Where you are

    Multiple integration options provide the opportunity to leverage an advanced WFM product without reengineering your infrastructure. Integrate with multiple ACDs; on-premises ACDs (UCCE, UCCX, CMS, etc) and the inContact ACD.

  • Real Time Visibility for Real Time Decisions

    Making real-time decisions is a must for contact centers. inContact Workforce Management enables quick, decisive action by detecting issues before they impact service levels. The intraday manager provides intraday re-forecasting and re-scheduling capabilities to optimize performance. Agents are informed of changes in the schedules (e.g. breaks, lunches, etc.). Agent adherence is tracked in real time and detailed reports are available for agent self-improvement in addition to management. Real-time service levels and real-time forecast-to-actual interaction comparison are also available for real-time decision making.

  • Agent-centric Workforce Management

    inContact Workforce Management provides agent lifestyle support capabilities to better support agent needs while still meeting the needs of the business. Lifestyle scheduling, vacation and schedule bidding, and time management are all designed to provide options that can allow the agent to participate in the scheduling and time management process.

  • Workforce Management Software Accurately Forecasts Customer Demand

    Take into account a wide view of your contact center’s historical workload trends, including quarter hour intra-day volumes, to create optimal schedules based on predictive data. Benefit from our years of experience in building the right scientific model for more accurate forecasts. inContact Workforce Management supports forecasting by skill, media, time of day, day of week, and even the forecasting of long-term demands during strategic planning exercises. They also use historical data to create special event profiles, enabling you to predict volume for future special events.

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